A moth-inspired jacket that keeps hikers safe in all seasons

For hikers, high visibility clothing can be life-saving. Over half of the 2,000 mile Appalachian Trail, a popular hiking trail in the US, runs along land used by hunters. Hikers can keep themselves safe during hunting season by wearing blaze orange clothing to make their presence known. In the offseason, however, hikers may choose to blend into their surroundings by wearing more natural colors. Currently, there are very few clothing options for hikers that can adapt both of these needs. The Underwing brand strives to fill this gap with a moth inspired hiking jacket that can transform, keeping hikers safe in all seasons.

All pictured jackets were sewn by me. This project was awarded the DAAPworks 2019 Director's Choice Award, and was displayed in the DAAP Reed Gallery May through August of 2019.

Inspiration: flash patterning

Flash patterning allows moths to change from camouflaged to brightly colored in a heartbeat. When threatened, these moths lift up their forewings to reveal brightly colored hindwings. This quick color change surprises predators and gives the moth an extra moment to escape.

The final jacket

The Underwing jacket can quickly transform to meet a hiker’s visibility needs at any time of the year. A system of magnetic flaps on the jacket front and sleeves allow for swift color changes on the go.

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